Gr 1-5 All-Inclusive Afterschool Program

Any tutor can tell someone they spelled “victorious” wrong or misinterpreted a word problem, but at Berkeley we teach students how to learn better. Rather than focusing on speed and perfection, our philosophy guides students to take responsibility for their own learning goals, structure their own study time, and take advantage of a variety of resources. With our extremely long-term vision, we nurture children so they will be accountable and resourceful in junior high and beyond.

Our Student Philosophy

  • Homework supervision & corrections with one-on-one instruction when time permits

  • Berkeley has over 60 Chromebooks available for students to check out and do research for school projects & online homework

  • We also create accounts for different web-based Reading, Math & Science programs which are available to students after homework is completed and checked

  • We provide weekly common core test-prep materials for Math, English Language Arts & Reading Comprehension

  • Berkeley includes weekly Chinese & Spanish language classes in it's afterschool program

  • Students enjoy fresh air in our large outdoor play area, complete with a basketball hoop, tetherball poles, and wallball

  • On Fridays, most students do not have homework, so students will join Berkeley's Friday Clubs! 

  • Know that your child has safely arrived at Berkeley with our Electronic Sign-In & Out system that sends real-time notifications to you 

  • Participate in our community service trips to serve dinner at our local homeless shelter

Why is Berkeley the best choice for your student?

Sample Daily Schedule

Mon-Thur Schedule

Grades 1-3

3:00-3:30 Arrival & Student Store

3:30-4:15 Homework

4:15-4:30 Outdoor Play

4:30-5:00 Web-based Programs

5:15-5:30 Outdoor Play

5:30-6:00 Common Core Test Prep

6:00-6:30 Clean Up/ Pick Up

Grades 4-6

3:00-3:30 Arrival & Student Store

3:30-4:30 Homework

4:30-5:00 Outdoor Play

5:00-6:00 Web-based Programs & Common Core Test Prep

6:00-6:30 Clean Up/ Pick Up

Friday Schedule


3:30-4:15 Book Club

4:30-5:15 Hands-on Science Club

5:30-6:00 Coding Club

Grades 3-4

3:30-4:15 Hands-on Science Club

4:30-5:15 Book Club

5:30-6:00 Coding Club

Grades 5-8

3:30-4:30 Newspaper Club

4:45-5:45 Computer Science/ Business & Entrepreneurship Club

Featured Student Work

Afterschool Friday Clubs

What is your child interested in?

At Berkeley, we do things a little different. . . to spark interest and creativity in each individual child, we provide a multitude of clubs for students to join. We also have the options for students to create their own club!

Book Club

In Newspaper, students write about topics that are happening at Berkeley,  world-wide events, short stories, comics, poetry, games and more. We write, edit, and publish!


Book Club is a great way for readers to enjoy and discuss books in a comfortable setting. Students enjoy a community-building experience with friends to to choose, read, and discuss books together

Coding Club is an excellent way to learn about programming with your friends. Students learn and practice the basics of coding, using the Python and HTML language.

During Science Club, students learn science the fun way... through exciting hands on experiments. Blow life-sized bubble towers, see real-time decomposition, and even make Newtonian liquids!

Hands-On Science
Arts & Crafts

In Art Club, free expression and creative minds are fully encouraged! Students will make, paint, decorate, create, and design crafts.


In Sports Club, physical education, great sportsmanship, and fun are mixed together to create the best times! Play with us today!

Your Club

In Business & Entrepreneurship Club, students will learn create their own business complete with a business plan and website.

Your Club

Business & Entrepreneurship

Enrichment Programs

Common Core Writing

Confidence Voice

Speech & Debate

Math Infinity

Math Olympiad

AMC 8/10

Creative Makers Space

Student Gallery


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