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Can you do the Khan Challenge?

At Berkeley Academy, computers are an integral part of the afterschool curriculum. Not only are students able to use our Chromebooks for research projects and online homework, but students can also get ahead in their reading and math skills. Students are provided accounts on Lexia Core 5, Newsela, Reading Plus and Khan Academy.

What is the Khan Challenge? This month, we added a twist to our students' normal quota of 30 minutes of Khan Academy questions a week. Typically, if student's reach their goal of 30 min/ week, they get a pizza party at the end of the month! This time, we added in a special prize with the title of Berkeley Academy's Top Scorer- the student with the greatest number of minutes per week out of ALL the students at BA, earns a special prize (valued up to $5!) from me.


(Two-Timed Winner!)

Week 1: ARUSH B. 177 MIN, G3

Week 2: ARUSH B. 236 MIN, G3

Week 3: PRANAV P. 273 MIN, G4

Week 4: SRIHITHA N. 419 MIN, G1

Week 5: AARAV B. 1027 MIN, G6

All I can say is, Berkeley Academy students never cease to amaze us!

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