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Acdemic + STEM

...learning & playful young minds

S.T.E.A.M. Education seeks to build 21st Century Learning Skills.
We make STEAM learning FUN for kids!

The best way to learn Science is through...

...Hands-on activites

Topics Include:

  • Infinity and Beyond

  • Under the Sea

  • Pioneer Living

  • Food and Fitness



Create Art outside of the box through...

...Creative MakerSpace

Topics Include:

  • Confidence Voice

  • Speech & Debate

  • Makers Arts Activities

  • Common Core Based Reading & Writing

Engineer, Empower, & Imagine through...

...Playful Sphero


Topics Include:

Play & Invent with Rigamajig

Dream, Learn, and Create with Strawbees

Makey Makey Projects

  • Engineering with 

  • Spero RVR+ Robot,

  • Sphero Bolts

  • Sphero Indi


Learn real-world Technology through...

...Python Programing


Topics Include:

Introduction to

  • Python Programming with Lego Spike Prime, Javascript with Sphero

  • Google CS First

  • Coding for Fun




Observe, strategize & execute Math through...

...Math Olympiad


Topics Include:

Structured as a Heads-Up for the incoming grade level: CC Math

  • Math Olympiad

  • Critical Thinking Analysis



With all of the focus on testing and buzz words, do your students ever feel like they aren't really learning anything? What happened to those light-bulb moments? You know…the ones where they finally understood what they were being taught because they were doing something with it.

How will Berkeley incorporate STEAM into this year's Summer Camp?




We incorporate with curriculums provided by famous Science Museum, engage projects and activities, conjunct with the  Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS),  and pair them with the field trips  to museums around the bay area.

S1 Infinite and Beyond: Discovering Astronamy and Space. Daily hands-on science experiments, such as Cosmic Coincedence, Eclips in the Cup, Glue Stick Sunset, Scientilating Little Star,...

S2 Under the Sea: A Close Look at underwater world. Daily hands-on experiences, such as Saltwater Pentacell, Swelling Seas, Ocean Acidification in a Cup, Inverted Bottles,...

S3 Pioneer Living: Create a Map of Your Go to North. Daily science activities such as, Make your Own Rainsticks, Disappearing Acts, Poking Fun at Art, Where's North?, Light Wind, ..

S4 Food and Fitness: Commit to Stay Health, Focus and Strong this summer. Daily hands-on experiences, such as Bacteriopolis, Wait, Weight, Don't Tell Me, ...

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us


To discover & develop what they like to do
The perfect combination of Academics & Fun
Field Trip in every Session



Every student- no matter how old- should have the opportunity to learn computer science. 

TK-GR 1 Coding For Fun

Course A: Students will learn to program using commands like loops and events. It  also teaches meaningfully collaborate with others, investigate different problem-solving techniques, persist in the face of challenging tasks, and learn about internet safety.

Course B: Students learn more sophisticated unplugged activities and work through a greater variety of puzzles. They will learn the basics of programming, collaboration techniques, investigation and critical thinking skills, persistence in the face of difficulty, and internet safety.


GR 2 - 3


Google CS First is a collaboration with Scratch (, a programming language and online community designed to support creative learning experiences.

1: Storytelling

2: Music and Sounds

3: Friends

4: Arts

5: Game Design

GR 4 - 5; G 5 - 8 Python Programming with Lego Spike Prime; Javascript with Sphero

 It’s an exciting hands-on solution that uses playful learning experiences to engage primary school students in STEAM learning, putting them on the path to becoming resilient,independent thinkers.

1: Hardware + Software

2: Motors 

3: Sensor Control

4: Loops and Variables

5: Conditions for Games

Project Unit: Mental Agility




What is Rigamajig?

Rigamajig is a new large-scale building kit designed for hands-on free play and playful STEAM learning. Rigamajig gives children the opportunity to learn through self-directed, hands-on experience.

1. Build a Rigamajig that can lift something.

2. Build a Rigamajig you can get inside.

3. Build a contraption to take you to the center of the earth.

4. How many different ways can you join three pieces? and more

Sphero Bolts & RVR+  Gr 2 - 5; G6-8

It is an advanced round coding robotic ball which provides  more ways to express inventive ideas and experience the power of programming.

1. Draw: shapes, spelling, perimeter

2. Blocks 1: Roll blocks squares, Light and Sound stories, Matrix Emotions

3. Blocks 2: On Collision Event Pong, If then Animal Toss, ..

4. Blocks 3: Sensor Storying Telling,

5. Challenge: Animal Behaviors

Sphero Indi TK - G1

The robot for early learners that is driven by color. iThe student will learn

​1: Directions

2: Patterns & Sequences

3: Measuring

4: Storytelling

5: Challenge: Visit the Zoo



Art can take form in many ways. 

                            “Where science ends, art begins.” -Charles Nègre 

Speech and Debate course is designed to help students learn the basics of public speaking and a structure of how to create an impromptu speech. We will start off by breaking them into smaller groups until ultimately they are able to perform their speech in front of the entire class. In the debate class, the students will learn how to create an arguement. We will first start off by teaching them the proper way of creating a claim, warrant, and impact which is the basis of debate. Every week students will get new topics to debate. The topics can range from metaphorical, politcal, abstract, or moral questions.

Led by the winning coach Mr. Stephan Brooks




Hone in on your math skills for the upcoming year. Learn, practice, & master the fundamentals to get a head start and glide through the school year!

 Preparing for incoming school year

TK - Gr1 Math Infinity: Math Infinity aims to lay a solid foundation for mathematical and scientific study in the future, through 3-D figures, logical reasoning, patterns, correspondence, and 3-way visual modeling

Gr 2 - 5 Singapore Math/Math Olympiad: Classes will be a mix of topics & Common Core fundamentals and math competition preparation

Gr 6-8 Geometry, Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1. Please check out our middle school summer tutoring program.

Sphero Bolts

Create new world every day!

Sphero Indi

Screenless for Young Learners

Summer Camp Field Trip 2022


S1 Lawrence Hall of Science

S2 Computer History Museum

S3 Exploratorium

S4 California Academy of Sciences

*fieldtrips are subject to change, 

STEM Initiative  2023

incoming G6 - G8

STEaMers Summer 2023

Incoming TK - G5

Schedule & Fees

Session Dates

  • S1: 6/5 - 6/16; Infinite and Beyond

  • S2: 6/19 - 6/30; Under the Sea 

  • S3: 7/10 - 7/21; Pioneer Living

  • S4: 7/24 - 8/4; Food and Fitness

Camp Hours

Full Day 9:00 - 4:30 PM

Extended Care: 8 - 9 AM; 4:30 - 6 PM

Camp Fees (lunch and pm snack included)

  • $3,200: 4 sessions (8 weeks)

  • $2,700: 3 sessions (6 weeks)

  • $1,900: 2 sessions (4 weeks)

  • $1,000: 1 sessions (2 week)

Other Fees:

  • Field Trip: $100/ea 

  • Extended Care: $100/session (8-9 am); $150/session (4:30-6 pm)

  • Camp Shirt: $15

Extra Discount for afterschool monthly tuition: (new and existing students) before May 20,2023

  • sign up 4 sessions: $100 OFF per month for 8 months 

  • sign up 3 sessions: $100 OFF per month for 5 months

  • sign up 2 sessions: $100 OFF per month for 3 months

  • sign up 1 session: $100 OFF per month for 1 months

Field Trip Dates

  • S1: Lawrence Hall of Science  6/16

  • S2: Computer History Museum 6/30

  • S3: Exploratorium 7/21

  • 4: California Acadmey of Science 8/4

Sample Daily Schedule

  9:00 - 10:15     Science: Theme of the Camp
10:30 - 11:45     Technology: Coding/Programing
12:00 -   1:00     Lunch
  1:00 -   2:00     Engineering
  2:00 -   3:00     Art
  3:00 -   3:30     Snacks
  3:30 -   4:30     Math
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