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Afterschool Arts & Science

Hi parents! Over these past few weeks, we've been busy with plenty of hands-on science and art, including activities like making our own airplane rocket launchers and perspective drawings during our first few art lessons.

During our Friday Hands-on Science lessons, students were introduced to topics such as buoyancy, drag, atmospheric pressure, and much more through the various projects that we would build every week. During one week, students were challenged to make their own sailboat while accounting for other factors like density and amount of material to use to ensure that it stays afloat. On top of being a fun, creative project that students were constantly engaged in, this lesson also taught students the effects of gravity and buoyant force, some of the many scientific principles that help explain why objects float and why ships are built the way they are.

Adding onto the sailboat creations, students also had a great time creating their own paper airplane launchers. Using a plastic syringe connected to tubing, students were able to "load" their launchers by pulling back to the syringe, and use the pressure created to launch their paper airplanes when pushing their syringe in.

Lastly, the students also participated in some new introductory art lessons, where they learned about various art principles such as shades/values, contrast, proportions, and many others to help them enhance their drawings and really tap into their creative side. Some students were so engaged in their perspective drawings they even kept working on their drawings well after the class had ended!

These past few weeks have been a great opportunity for our students to learn more about art and science in general. The projects and classes have served as a fantastic way to help the students learn while keeping them engaged through the creative aspect of experimenting with their own creations.

There's a lot more to come for the rest of the year, so stay tuned for the next post!

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