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Joni Jen is a mother, childhood educator and entrepreneur. Living and working in the Bay Area for over 30 years, she is the founder and President of Olive Children Foundation -- a non-profit organization that strives to prepare the children of today to be the leaders of tomorrow; the founder and CEO of Berkeley Academy, one of Fremont's most prominent Afterschool & Tutoring centers, we are proud to uphold our values of excellent education, leadership and service to our students and community. Joni's vision is centered around early access to quality education, irrespective of socioeconomic background. She hopes to realize this vision by applying a hands-on, experiment driven curriculum where children can learn by doing. Joni is nothing if not tenacious, persistently pursuing this dream for many years. When she isn’t working, Joni is kept busy by her golden retriever Lulu, who demands constant walks and belly rubs.

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Get ready for the best summer ever!
We make Learn and Play 
FUN for kids!

Incoming Grades

TK - G5

G6 - G8

Extra Discount Applied

What's Happening at Berkeley Academy?

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Acdemic + STEM Summer Camp

Session Dates

  • S1: 6/5 - 6/16; Infinite and Beyond

  • S2: 6/19 - 6/30; Under the Sea 

  • S3: 7/10 - 7/21; Pioneer Living

  • S4: 7/24 - 8/4; Food and Fitness

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