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Friday Newspaper & Book Club

The Berkeley Academy newspaper and Book Club continue to give students the

opportunity to express themselves and engage in educational activities that they enjoy. It is a

great sight every week to see students actively engaging with their studies!

In Newspaper, students are finishing up their first round of articles and projects. With the

deadline of 10-14- 16 drawing closer, they are working harder than ever to make sure their work

has not been for nothing. Discussions among students who are writing about similar topics have

gone from slight murmuring to full-fledged passionate and persuasive discussion. Students who

are working on more creative projects are proofreading, asking for my advice, revising, and

editing in a flurry of keyboard strokes and pencil marks. They genuinely care about the work

they are doing which is refreshing and, in a way, magical to witness.

Speaking of magic, the 3-4 th grade book club students continued reading Harry Potter

and the Cursed Child. After we discussed who would get to read for which characters this week,

students were excited to be the voice behind the characters they have come to know and love.

Some students read for multiple characters and experimented with voices, while others made

sure to say their lines with the proper emotion instead of reading the lines straight-faced and

monotone. I could feel the disappointment in Harry as he failed to connect with Albus at the train

station. The joy of reading is clear with this group!

Mid-October is normally a point of decreased energy in students as they settle into the

middle of the semester, but the students in Newspaper and Book Club are showing the

importance of letting students take charge of their education.

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