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The Smoothie Challenge

This week, our Middle School Students (grade 6-8) worked on their cooking skills in a "Smoothie Challenge." Two teams spent last week planning out their top-secret recipes, and this week, the students put their ideas to the test. Working in teams and against the clock, each group of students brought forth 2-3 smoothie concoctions in the 25 minute time limit. The Girls' recipes included a banana-cream smoothie, strawberry smoothie, and an unidentifiable fruity concoction. The Boys' team came up with a chocolate-toffee smoothie garnished with whipped cream and mint chocolate, as well as a "low-sugar" fruit medley smoothie. Student recipes will be published next week.

A huge thank-you to our brave judges Jessie Wu and Zhara Gill for taste-testing the kids' creations! #Smoothies #Teamwork #Creativity #Delicious

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