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Winter Camp Recap

Over the past week, students at Olive Children & Berkeley Academy have been immersed in a week full of fun activities while thinking academically. Our theme was centered around the Upcoming Winter Olympics. Thanks to our volunteer helpers for making things run smoothly!

Ms. Zara taught a new financial planning class, teaching kids how to be wise with money & spending. It is never too young to begin learning about prudent decision making and how to make the most of your resources. Fun!

Out door sports were facilitated by our fantastic volunteers from MSJ, Roger and Aneesh. Thanks for your help, guys!

Ms. Allison led Makerspace and Hands-On Science sessions for the kids. Activities included building with Imagination Playground, Rigamajig, and building candles and bobsleds. Cool! A student from Mission San Jose High also came to demonstrate a car he had built using a rat trap for a motor.

Ms. Sheela led the kids through daily creative art sessions. Students did fun activities using everyday materials, including painting on Aluminum foil, dancing, and Q-tip art!

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