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Building Up Your Confidence Voice!

Confidence Voice is an additional class being held for our Kinder-2nd Graders. This class is focused on teaching the basic skills needed for confident public speaking. The basis of the class is the lesson of the 4 P's. P is for: Prepare, Posture, Projection, and Polite Participation. All of the students in the class are learning these basics and putting them into practice. In addition to writing and presenting their own speeches, they are working with one another and correcting one another throughout the class. The speech they are currently memorizing is one on the topic of family. Though some may go further than others and some are more confident in speaking, they are encouraging one another to just try. From being able to complete an entire speech, to simply going up in front of the class and giving an introduction, the students are slowly building confidence week by week.

They are getting ready to present their speeches at the end of the month!

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