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A Twist on April Fool's Day with Makey Makey

Berkeley Academy is celebrating April Fool's day! Students join our Makey Makey classroom with silly gags and knock knock jokes.

What is Makey Makey?

Makey Makey is an invention kit made for young students to explore their creativity. Using everyday objects to control computer clicks, they can power up these objects to experience the world in a special way.

What We Are Doing for April Fools

To Celebrate April Fool's, students in the older age group are invited to explore a silly gag or prank that they can show off to their friends. Some students chose to create a game, some a little animation, or others, a practical joke, all powered by Scratch code! Students use block code to create their projects, and enjoy their freedom to become inventors.

Younger students are encouraged to show us a knock knock joke that they know and love! When you press on the makey makey buttons, the two characters on the screen will tell their rehearsed knock knock joke!

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