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Join us at Berkeley Academy to make School life more fun and exciting!!

Let's book a tour with us and join our Afterschool program that brings you joy and inspiration. We provide a variety of classes and hands-on activities for our students.

*Note: We recently moved to 43475 Ellsworth St Fremont, CA 94539

Why Choose Us?

  • What's more important than Cleaning Protocol during such a difficult time. Berkeley Academy takes Cleaning Protocol very seriously, we have sanitizing station prepared in each of our classroom for our students.

  • Facility; Berkeley Academy has a wider range of facility than most of the Afterschool Programs in town! We have an Outdoor Playground Set, Outdoor Lunch Table and Distanced Classroom.

  • Last but not least, we have a collections of books in different subjects include Science, Math, Chinese, Art, Comics and NEW books every month.

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