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Make the most of Shelter-in-Place: FREE virtual classes this week (March 23 - 27)

Olive's response to COVID-19:School is out, but education does not have to be! In the midst of everything that is going on surrounding the shelter-in-place policy throughout California, we’re committed to bringing out the best of extracurricular learning. Join us for FREE online digital classes this week (March 23 - 27), sampling a variety of disciplines.

Free Courses Offered This Week - All are welcome!

Pricing & Fees:

First Week (Mon. Mar. 23 - Fri. Mar. 27) FREE for all

Like the course? Sign up for a full eight-week course (through April-May)

1st course: $190 | 2nd course: $170 | 3rd course: $150 | 4th course: $130 | 5th course: $110


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