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Our Fall Semester is just around the corner!

Hello, Dear Students and Parents! Are you all ready to register for our Fall Semester after-school Program?

Students have been focusing on distance learning for over a year, have your child starts missing back-to-school life already? Compare to online learning, in-person classroom education enhances quick study, memorization and retention of learning materials. We understand you may still concerning regarding the recent Covid-19 variant, so do we.

Here are the reasons why you SHOULD choose us over the others.

Before Entering:

  1. Each student needs to get Temperature Check right after getting off the school van.

  2. Have students put their backpacks outside the entrance.

  3. Take off the shoes, store inside the shoe rack and get the indoor shoes on.

  4. Use Hand Sanitizer.

Inside the Classroom:

  1. Student and Teacher MUST be keep their mask on at all time.

  2. Physical distance between each table.

  3. Student stay at least 2-ft apart.

  4. Parents remain outside the entrance when pick-up/drop-off with contactless student sign-in/out QR Code.

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