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STEAM-ED Summer Camp-Makey Makey

Join us at Olive Children STEAM-ED Summer Camp 2020 to learn how to make the physical world interact with the digital world using Makey Makey.

Grade: G1 - G2, G 3 - 5

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

2-week session: 6/29-7/10, 7/13-24, 7/27-8/7, 8/10-21

What you will be doing:

  • Look at different kinds of circuits and how we use them in everyday life.

  • Learn to recognize and use the symbols found in electrical diagrams.

  • Experiment with switches, conductors and insulators as they build a simple electric motor. 

Delivery: In class - $400 | Virtual - $200 | Flex - $100 (recorded video and live video per request)

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