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Summer Fun at Berkeley Academy!

Thank you for inviting your children to join us at Berkeley Academy this summer! Over the last few weeks, these bright, young individuals were able to challenge themselves in a variety of subjects through a hands-on style approach towards learning. Under the guidance of our insightful instructors, they dabbled in Lego robotics, Sphero coding challenges, Scratch block coding, science, math, reading, speech and debate, drawing, chess, sports, and more!

In our STEM classes, students in our older age group had the opportunity to build a solar oven and program a video game through scratch coding, while students in our younger age group had fun designing hand pollinators and creating animations through the use of block coding on ScratchJr. As blossoming engineers, all of our students eventually teamed up on our most recent lesson, where they had to come up with creative solutions to cleaning up oil spills.

Developing an advanced literacy at an early age is an advantage for children who are avid readers. During reading class, the children are able to pick books of their liking to present on during their final book report. Math is taught at the child’s incoming grade level in order to strengthen their core mathematical skills as they return to school. Drawing can help them express their creative endeavors, while chess allows the children to develop critical and strategical thinking skills as they make and anticipate their opponent’s next move.

A balanced day always involves some exercise, which is why we put a strong emphasis on sports and cardio in the morning! Whether the children are playing soccer, basketball, or catch the ball, we always make sure to prioritize good sportsmanship and teamwork.

It’s no surprise that the children love the Lego robotics class, where they get to build and program cool-looking robots! New coding problems are given daily for them to solve.

In Sphero class, we programmed the spherical bolt robots to drive in specific directions, draw, and even coded a hot potato program into it much to the children’s enjoyment.

Field trips were always the highlight of the camp and the children loved exploring every exhibit that the Lawrence Hall of Science and Tech Interactive museum had to offer.

We are looking forward to your child’s participation in our following camps! Thank you for your continued support of these young and brilliant scientists.

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