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What make Berkeley Academy so special?

Hey, Parents!

Have you ever worry about if your little one learn anything at her/his current After-School Tutoring Program? We have your back! We provide a full schedule classes for our students base on their grade level. Other than Homework, Math and English, we also have a plenty of hands-on science projects including Sphero Indi Challenge, Robot Dance Kids Yoga, STEM activities, Board Game and a lot more... And here is a little brief video summary of their After-school program daily.

There are many reasons why students like classes we provide and get excited coming to the Berkeley Academy everyday. Let's book a tour with us at https://www.berkeleyacademy.org/copy-of-contact and bring in all your question/concern. ALSO, We're still accepting New Enrollment!!

All our activity classes are based on different Grade Level. For more information, please visit our website for our class schedule.

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